Honor Societies

Sponsor:       Travis Gatewood


Open to select Juniors and Seniors. Group invites students who are eligible during first semester; students must be earning a 3.6 grade point average or greater, then applications will be considered.  Students must demonstrate not only scholarship (maintaining not less than 3.6 GPA), but excel in areas of character, leadership, and service.

1. Attendance at meetings
• One absence permitted per semester; two per school year.
• Two absences in a semester and you are no longer an NHS member.
• Be sure to sign in on the attendance sheet at the beginning of each meeting.

2. Service Hours
• If you complete 30 service hours during the summer, turn in your service hours sheet and you are finished with required hours for the year.
• Otherwise, complete 15 hours per semester, with hours NOT carrying over from one semester to the next.
• NHS provides suggestions for service projects, but be prepared to find some hours on your own.
• Please share service ideas or opportunities!  Check Google Classroom frequently, or direct notifications to be sent when new items post.
• You are expected to help family members, so helping family members does NOT count as service hours.
• If you are tutoring, you must have form signed by the teacher or parent who scheduled you.
• If you are getting credit or pay, hours will NOT count. If you are not sure whether your activity will count or not please check first.

Sponsor:       Annie Hasan​

Description: The purpose is to explore the Arabic language and culture by exploring places, foods, and Arabic traditions in the Kansas City community and beyond.

Requirements: All students are welcome to join Arabic Club. Student does not have to be in Arabic class to join. To be eligible for induction into the Arabic Honor Society, students must have completed 1.5 years of Arabic language study at SMS, have a 3.0 overall GPA, and have a 3.5 GPA in Arabic. Honor Society members must complete Arabic-related service as required throughout the school year.

Meetings and Events: Regular meetings include some evening activities, such as dining at Arab restaurants, Arabic film nights, Henna parties, and cooking. Meetings take place every other Wednesday after school. Please listen for changes in the announcements. AHS meetings occur once a month and each semester, AHS students are required to plan 1 major Arabic Language and culture event for the community every semester.

French Club/National French Honor Society

Sponsor:        Erin Schneider

French Club / French National Honor Society

Description: All students interested in exploring the French language and culture are welcome to join the French Club. Advanced French students may be invited to join the AATF-sponsored French National Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français). 

Requirements: To be eligible for induction into the French National Honor Society, students must be in level 4 of French or higher, have a 3.6 overall GPA, and have a 3.8 GPA in French. Honor Society members must complete French-related service as required throughout the school year.

Meetings and Events: Monthly French Club meetings take place in room TBA. Regular activities include making French food, watching French films, and some evening and weekend outings. Please listen for announcements.

Spanish Club /National Spanish Honor Society

Sponsor:        Cynthia Szczesny​

Description:  La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Requirements:      To be eligible for induction into the National Spanish Honor Society, students must be in level 4 of Spanish or higher, have a 3.6 overall GPA, and have a 3.8 GPA in Spanish. Honor Society members must complete 8 hours of Spanish-related service per school semester.

Meetings and Events:   Meetings include field trips, such as dining at restaurants where Spanish is spoken and attending films. Please listen for announcements.