Sponsor:  Mark Swezey


Description:  Theatre students study production through hands on work at rehearsal, technical workdays, construction, and performance of various plays and musicals throughout the year.

Requirements:   All students are eligible for the 5 to 7 “Main Stage” season. Other shows are associated with specific theatre classes. Auditions are held approximately 6 to 7weeks prior to the first performance of each production. An information meeting is held a week before auditions. Applications are accepted for technical and backstage workers at about the same time.

Meetings and Events:  The season calendar is available on the website Each production process lasts 4-6 weeks for rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals are after school. Technical work times are evenings and weekends.


Repertory Theatre

Sponsor:        Mark Swezey

Interested students audition and apply for this year long class in January for the following year.

Rep. Theatre is a hands-on production class that is the heart and soul of the Theatre program at South, Students learn “Real Life Skills “. Every day Rep Theatre students work on scenery and prop construction, costume construction, lighting and sound, business, pr, and marketing, as well as acting and improvisation training. Student leadership is a key component to this class. Adult directors and mentors work with these students every day