Student Council


Sponsors: Claire Clemons and Sara Simpson

Description:  Shawnee Mission South Student Council is involved in organizing and leading the student body in numerous activities throughout the school year: informal and formal dances and mixers, including Homecoming, charity and fundraising events, and student elections. The elected student leaders are a strong link between the students, parents, staff, and administration.

Requirements:  School pride, a willingness to work hard, strong leadership skills and a positive attitude are all required. All students with a 2.5 GPA, no suspensions, and who follow the district guidelines on drug use are eligible. Each class elects ten representatives in the spring with the incoming freshmen class electing their representatives in the fall of their freshman year. Representatives and class officers are placed on committees depending on their interests, strengths, and experience by the Executive Committee and Student Council Sponsors. The four executive officers must be seniors and are elected in the spring of their junior year by the entire student body. The four elected class officers for each class will also be given positions on the Council.

Meetings and Events:  The Executive Board meets during Leadership Practicum during third hour. The entire Student Council meets before school on alternating weeks.

Interesting Facts:  The Student Council sends a group of students each summer to state and national leadership camps and conferences to help train and develop our student leaders.