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Athletic Director, Mark Mahoney,

Welcome to the Shawnee Mission South Athletics!  By reviewing this page, you or your child must be interested in extracurricular sports we offer here at SM South. I have a few thoughts on the importance of you or your child participating. On this page you will find everything you need to inform yourself about what is great about high school sports, and what is needed to participate in high school athletics. I would like nothing more than you or your student become a Raider athlete.

Why become a Raider athlete?

The educational research is clear over the last 3 decades – those students who are engaged in high school athletics and activities are significantly more likely to go to college, score higher on standardized achievement tests, earn higher wages, and are more likely to report having positive relationships with school personnel. You can read more here and here. As you consider participation, please see our sport descriptions and find the sport or sports in which you may be interested. As you do that, please consider the following – become a multi-sport athlete – DO NOT SPECIALIZE! Specialization increases risk of injury, and specialization at a very young age does not increase the likelihood of an athlete achieving elite status within his/her sport. Read more here.

Please pay special attention to the requirements of the PPE, the medical physical examination required by the KSHSAA. We offer “Physical Nights” twice a year – one time in May, and one time in August. Please make sure the PPE is submitted to the Athletic Office NO LATER than the Friday before the sport starts. 

Once again – remember, “Nothing Greater than a Raider!”

Medical Provider for Student Athletes

SMSD recommends all student athletes have an established, ongoing relationship with a medical provider.

·         KSHSAA requires a sports physical of student athletes every year after May 1st.

·         Injuries requiring a visit to/treatment from a medical provider are easier/quicker to schedule for established patients. Injured athletes want to return to their sport as soon as possible instead of waiting days/weeks to see a medical provider as a new patient.

·         Athletes suspected of a concussion can only be cleared to return to play by an MD, DO.

·         Current updated immunizations are required of all students per KS statute. SMSD excludes students from attending school/athletics without being appropriately immunized. Students receiving ongoing medical care are likely to remain up to date on immunizations and do not risk exclusion from participation.

·         Always check with your insurance provider for a list of health care providers.

·         Athletes who are uninsured/underinsured may contact the below to become established for medical care:
          Health Partnership Clinic: (913) 648-2266

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