Drill Team - Pacesetters

Pacestters - Varsity
Sponsor:  Allie Stankewsky Long


Description:   Pacesetters, the Shawnee Mission South varsity drill team, perform at football games, festivals, parades, basketball games, dance competitions, and the Extravaganza.

Requirements:    Sophomore, junior, and senior women by tryout only.  Tryouts are held in the spring (March) for the following year.

Meetings and Events: Practices are from 6:45am to the beginning of second hour.

Cost:   Fees are assessed for equipment, use of uniforms, and materials the dancers will need for the season.  In the event the team attends a summer camp, additional fees will be assessed.  The team booster club may provide assistance for families who are in need of financial assistance.

Pacesetters JV Drill Team

Sponsor:    Sue Williams

Description:  The Pacesetters JV squad are the freshmen, sophomore and junior drill team. During first semester Pacesetters JV participate in the Overland Park Parade, perform in the talent show, pregame of football games, and join the cheerleaders on the track for two or three home football games. Second semester activities include Basketball game, dance competitions and the Extravaganza.

The group is limited to 42 participants.

Requirements:    All freshmen, sophomore and junior women are eligible for tryouts in the spring. 

Meetings and Events:      JV pacesetters will meet daily during first hour.  Every Wednesday during football season, the squad will meet on the football field at 7:00am for pre-game practice with the band.  All other practices will begin at the start of first hour unless teacher specified a different time.