Drill Team - Pacesetters

Pacestters - Varsity
Sponsor:  Allie Stankewsky Long


Description:   Pacesetters, the Shawnee Mission South varsity drill team, perform at football games, festivals, parades, basketball games, dance competitions, and the Extravaganza.

Requirements:    Sophomore, junior, and senior women by tryout only.  Tryouts are held in the spring (March) for the following year.

Meetings and Events: Practices are from 6:45am to the beginning of second hour.

Cost:   Fees are assessed for equipment, use of uniforms, and materials the dancers will need for the season.  In the event the team attends a summer camp, additional fees will be assessed.  The team booster club may provide assistance for families who are in need of financial assistance.

Pacesetters JV Drill Team
Sponsor:    Lisa Carson

Description:  The Pacesetters JV squad are the freshmen, sophomore and junior drill team. During first semester Pacesetters JV participate in the Overland Park Parade, perform in the talent show, pregame of football games, and join the cheerleaders on the track for two or three home football games. Second semester activities include Basketball game, dance competitions and the Extravaganza.

The group is limited to 42 participants.

Requirements:    All freshmen, sophomore and junior women are eligible for tryouts in the spring. 

Meetings and Events:      JV pacesetters will meet daily during first hour.  Every Wednesday during football season, the squad will meet on the football field at 7:00am for pre-game practice with the band.  All other practices will begin at the start of first hour unless teacher specified a different time.

TRYOUTS FOR 2020-2021

Interested in trying out for the SMS Pacesetter Drill Team? We would love to have you and have changed our tryout format due to the recent closures. Please see the new information on tryouts below!

New tryout format - Updated May 26, 2020
Tryouts are scheduled for July 9th and July 10th at SM South

  • July 9th - clinic from 8:00-10:00am SM South Stadium Concession Stand (South end zone)
  • July 10th - audition - 9:00am - 12:00pm SM South Stadium Concession Stand area

Tryout Material

You will learn a dance, sideline and technique. Videos to the required tryout material will be sent out a week before tryouts. Therefore, you will be able to learn the material on your own. The clinic is just to brush up on any material and clean up what you have learned on your own. The videos will be posted on the website - June 1st There will not be a flag component for tryouts this year however we will still do flag for field show. You will still be expected to sing or say the school song on audition day. Technique will be learned at the clinic.

Tryout Forms - please fill out!

Tryout Contract - bring with you to the clinic

Online Tryout Form - please REFILL this out if you have already done so as there have been some changes - fill this out ASAP so I can keep you updated on tryouts in case anything changes.

Tryout Packet - please be sure you have read through this! Important information about the year. The score sheets have changed a little bit.

Teacher Recommendations

We will not be needing your teacher recommendations this year

More information can be found on our website