Angie York, Liz Rulifson

School Nurse:  Angie York RN, MSN
Certified Nurse Aide: Liz Rulifson CNA
Hours: 7:20am - 3:20pm
Health Office Phone:  913-993-7516
Health Office Fax:  913-993-7786

It is the goal of the Nurse's Office to help students become self-reliant in regards to their health.  In a few short years students will be on their own.  The more they know about good health, the easier it will be for them to make good choices.

The Nurse's Office stocks the following over-the-counter medication:  Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Tums, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and Hydrocortisone cream.  The permission form that allows the Health Office to give students the listed medication is completed online, in Skyward, by a parent/guardian. Additionally, there is a form that allows students to carry and self-administer medication.  This ONLY applies to Epi Pens and Inhalers and for those students who have diabetes.  This form must be signed by the physician and the parent/guardian.  Both forms are available by following the Medication Forms link. For other medications to be administered by the Health Office, they must be in the original medication bottle and turned into the Health Office.  

If your student suffers any injury, concussion, has surgery or any other health related issue, please notify the health office as soon as possible so we may notify all teachers.  Five minute passes for passing period, elevator permission, any health related passes must go through the Health Office.  A parent may write an out-of-gym note two times for the same health issue.  The Physical Education Department may require students to make up the missed gym class(es).  After two missed gym classes with a parent note, a doctor's excuse is required.

The Health Office is much more than handing out band aids, we are here for emotional support, resources, some snacks and juice or just a friendly smile.