AP Testing


AP stands for Advanced Placement.  College Credit is available to your student through testing in the springtime via the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program. AP credit is accepted at many universities and colleges throughout the world. Credit is awarded by receiving institutions based on their own transfer policies and the scores earned.

Check out the College Board’s Advanced Placement Transfer on your preferred college’s website or the College Board’s website.

The student must:

  1. Indicate a desire and willingness to test in the fall of the year prior to the exam. All exams are given in the first weeks of May. The date and time of the exam are NOT flexible. The school cannot reschedule or change an exam time or date to fit a student’s needs. Please know the date(s) you are to test.
  2. Enroll and pay for the exam by November 3, 2023.This year’s exam fee will be $105 per exam.
  3. Create an account through the College Board and his/her teacher. Teachers will give students a ‘Join Code’ for each AP course they take. (Note: A student does not need to be enrolled in an AP course to sit for the exam. Please contact Mrs. Johnston if you plan to ‘self- study’.) Through their College Board account, the student will indicate whether or not he or she intends to take the AP exam.
  4. Create an account through Total Registration. Total Registration will collect all fees for the exams. Payments can be made via credit card or check. The Total Registration link (www.totalregistration/ap/172772) will be available in the fall to begin accepting payments. Full payment is due by November 3rd for all exams.
  5. Note that College Board charges $40 per exam for any exam cancelled after November 14. We will refund cancelled exams, minus the $40 fee charged to the school.
  6. Know that scores are reported to the student in July following the exam. The school does not have early access to scores. Students can access scores via their College Board account.
  7. Know that there is no guarantee of college credit based upon the results of the exam. 

Learn more about AP and AP exams by visiting the College Board website.