College Visits

Upcoming College Visits to South

College visits are virtual for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you are interested in attending a specific virtual visit, please contact Mrs. Ross, Counseling Secretary, at .


Monday, September 28 Marist College (NY)-9:15

Monday, September 28 DePaul University-1:10

Tuesday, September 29 Univ. of Minnesota (Twin Cities)-9:15

Tuesday, September 29 Miami University (OH)-1:10

Wednesday, September 30 Illinois Wesleyan University-9:15

Wednesday, September 30 Drake University-1:10



Thursday, October 1 Lake Forest College-9:15

Thursday, October 1 Kansas State University-1:10

Friday, October 2 Loyola University (Chicago)-9:00

Friday, October 2 Bates College (ME)-10:30

Friday, October 2 University of Chicago-12:30

Monday, October 5 Avila University-9:15

Monday, October 5 Oberlin College (OH)-1:10

Tuesday, October 6 Smith College (MA)-9:15

Tuesday, October 6 Grand Canyon University-1:10

Wednesday, October 7 University of Oklahoma-9:15

Wednesday, October 7 Creighton University-1:10

Thursday, October 8 University of Massachusetts (Lowell)-9:15

Thursday, October 8 University of Denver-1:10

Monday, October 12 Grinnell College-9:15

Monday, October 12 Seton Hall University (NJ)-1:10

Tuesday, October 13 Bowdoin College (ME)-9:15

Tuesday, October 13 Claremont McKenna College (CA)-1:10

Thursday, October 15 Savannah College of Art & Design-9:15

Thursday, October 15 University of Nebraska (Lincoln)-1:10

Friday, October 16 Flagler College-9:00

Friday, October 16 Washington University of St. Louis-10:30

Friday, October 16 Lincoln University (MO)-12:30

Monday, October 19 Samford University-9:15

Monday, October 19 University of Central Missouri-1:10

Tuesday, October 20 University of Pittsburgh-9:15

Tuesday, October 20 St. John’s College (NM)-1:10

Wednesday, October 21 University of Tulsa-9:15

Wednesday, October 21 Emporia State University-1:10

Thursday, October 22 Oklahoma State University-9:15

Thursday, October 22 Rockhurst University-1:10

Friday, October 23 Simpson College-9:00

Friday, October 23 Maryville University of St. Louis-10:30

Friday, October 23 Truman State University-12:30

Monday, October 26 Cleveland University (KCK)-1:10

Tuesday, October 27 Brandeis University-9:15

Tuesday, October 27 Missouri State University-1:10

Wednesday, October 28 University of Iowa-1:10

Thursday October 29 Columbia College (Chicago)-1:10

Friday, October 30 Washburn University-10:30