College Now/Quick step

College Now Vs AP


What is College Now?

College Now is a partnership with Johnson County Community College that allows students to earn college credit for classes they would already take right here at SMS.  Students must apply to and enroll separately at JCCC.  See below for Steps to Apply and Enroll, and a direct link to JCCC’s College Now website:

  • JCCC College Now Website
  • 2020-2021 College Now Enrollment Guide- Important College Now deadlines are included here.
  • For students who have not yet taken the ACT, the Accuplacer exam is available at the JCCC testing center free of charge.
  • Fall Enrollment is due 09/25/20
  • Spring Enrollment is due 02/01/21
  • College Now courses that require enrollment only for the fall are:  AP Biology 2, AP Microeconomics, Spanish 5AP, AP Statistics, AP US Government
  • College Now Courses that require enrollment in the fall AND spring are:  AP English 12, AP European History, AP US History
  • The College Now course which requires ONLY spring semester enrollment is AP Macroeconomics
  • Pay course fees according to the schedule published by JCCC.  As of 08/2019, fees are $94/credit hour.  All fees are payable directly to JCCC.  SMS does not handle JCCC payments.
  • Steps to enroll- This is a step by step guide to enrolling at Johnson County Community College in the student's MYJCCC account.​

Steps to Enroll

Financial Assistance

There is an option for financial assistance in case you want to enroll in College Now courses but do not have the funding available.

  1. JCCC Grant Application – this application goes directly to JCCC; do NOT turn this is in to the Counseling office.
  2. Students must be enrolled in the courses at JCCC to be eligible for the grant

JCCC Grand Application



What is Quick Step Plus?

Quick Step Plus is another program offered by Johnson County Community College that allows students to earn college credits for high school courses that they dual enroll in. Although similar to College Now, Quick Step Plus courses also do not have the same testing and enrollment deadlines as the College Now classes even though some of them have been added to the JCCC College Now course schedules.

At Shawnee Mission South, College Algebra/Trig is the only Quick Step course.  It is year long, however enrollment is done in the fall.